Preventive physiotherapy a marvel for occupational health

Injuries and conditions due to bad posture occupy the first place of modern occupational diseases. This phenomenon occurs due to poor postures in offices and automated environments. Preventive physiotherapy plays an important role in the field of prevention and for the enjoyment of optimal health. This discipline is aimed at correcting injuries produced by bad posture and bad habits in the position of the body. Hire the services of physio warwick and enjoy a healthy and full life.


Preventive physiotherapy is an effective tool for:

Direct stretching exercises to avoid injuries.

Reeducate the body to assume a correct position.

Minimize injuries with daily activities.

Avoid ergonomic and repetitive postures.

Improve Mobility and functionality.


· Better life quality.

· Sense of well-being.

· Enjoy a full mental health.

· Higher productivity.

· Minimize absence from work

· Investment that is enjoyed and multiplied in and health.


It is advisable to seek advice before starting a physiotherapy treatment. It could be counterproductive to hire the wrong professional. To avoid this situation, it is important to follow the following recommendations:

· Attend a recognized career center.

· Take care that you receive comprehensive care.

Make sure that the team of professionals has:

· Updated training.

· Constant research and study.

· That suits scientific advances.

That has services of:

· Physiotherapy.

· Clinical Pilates

· Rehabilitation of gyms.

· Therapeutic massage therapy.

· Prevention of falls

The automation of offices and desks has been very positive in the world development, however, has resulted in problems related to bad postures and injuries of a large percentage of workers. Preventive physiotherapy improves health and brings well-being to the body. At the physio warwick center we are ready to offer you the best preventive counseling service and help improve your quality of life.